Each specialty we serve has its own challenges. We know them inside out. And of all the practices we serve, anesthesia is the most unique.

Billing and coding for anesthesia can be nearly as complex as the practice itself. It is the only specialty that includes time as a billing component.

For example:

  1. Did you know that there are approximately 4,000 surgical, medical, and radiology procedures represented by 268 anesthesia codes?
  2. Did you know that if there is a break in the anesthesia time- you cannot bill for that time? An anesthesia provider can add blocks of time around an interruption in anesthesia time as long as s/he is furnishing continuous anesthesia care within the time periods around the interruptions.
  3. The complexities of CRNA billing, and concurrency checking are unique to anesthesia.

It’s complicated, but if you have a comprehensive anesthesia billing, coding and revenue cycle management solution, you are in good shape. Our team is familiar with all of the ins-and-outs of anesthesia services and the fine points of billing successfully for it. Simply stated, MICI knows what it takes for your practice to make good money or lose lots of it.

At MICI, we know about pre and post-operative visits, anesthesia care during the procedure, and monitoring services like ECG and mass spectrometry. We know that the highly specialized forms of monitoring such as intra-arterial, central venous, and Swan-Ganz need to be billed separately. And, we automatically check for concurrency issues to insure your billing is accurate.

Today anesthesia billing software has to interface seamlessly with your EMR and charge capture systems. Your group needs knowledgeable, seasoned partners who can provide your practice with fast, accurate data. MICI is that partner for your anesthesia revenue cycle management. We know how your insurance company wants to be billed. We know what is being billed and when. We know how to bill accurately for Base Units, Time Units and Modifying Units. On top of all that, we know how to treat your patients with empathy and care.

It’s time to call MICI. We can make sure that every dollar you work for is appropriately reimbursed. Your success is our success.