Family Practice

Fevers, asthma, school physicals, flu shots, obesity counseling, and “What do we do about Dad’s driving?” are all in a day’s work at a family practice. It’s fair to say that there is no other practice in medicine today that treats the wide, varied patient base of family medicine. Some estimates say there are billions of visits to family practitioners each year in the US, placing it at the core of the nation’s healthcare delivery system. It’s more important than ever that as a physician, you are free to treat patients, and generate revenue. That’s where we come in.

MICI specializes in analyzing and streamlining your billing and coding system so that it is efficient and accurate. You want your system to be a revenue generating machine, and so do we. Our experience can help to ensure that your claims go to the front of the line for full, contracted reimbursement- more successful claims means fewer denials and less time spent on appeals. We know the ins and outs of family practice, and we use that knowledge to bill for every dime you have earned.

Case in Point:

Code 99215 is; “Office or other outpatient visit for an established patient”. It isn’t used very much because it requires highly complex medical decision making and documentation. The physician must document, in fine detail, a history of the present illness, status of three chronic diseases, review of ten of the 14 body systems and more. Why bother? Because if you know how to use Code 99215 (and we do) payment could be 25% more than Code 99214. However, the differences between Code 99215, 99214, and the newer transitional management code of 99496 must be clearly understood. MICI knows those differences because we use them every day. That’s how we find the money you have earned and make sure you are fairly reimbursed for it.

As a family medicine practitioner, you treat patients of most any age with a wide array of conditions and diseases. This means you face a wide array of coding challenges, everything from flu reporting to coding appropriately for office surgeries and school physicals. With the number of visits to family physicians growing exponentially in the US every year, your importance to your community, and healthcare at large, is only going to increase. The more time you spend entering data means the less time you have to see patients and generate practice revenue. You need to get back to the business of treating patients, and bringing in practice revenue; and when you do, we will make sure you are reimbursed for every- contracted- dime.

Let us help. We will update your revenue management system, prepare your practice for ICD-10, train your staff on improving patient collections, reduce your claim denials and increase your revenue stream. Call us. We will begin working for you right away. 281.580.9030