We’ll handle the financial burdens of running your medical practice,

so you can focus on practicing medicine.

Your practice is a business, and MICI makes sure it’s healthy by delivering the services you need to maximize revenue while spending your time caring for patients.

We know there are other companies that provide medical billing management, but nobody else provides integrated revenue cycle management with care and empathy like MICI does.

“With MICI, we’ve increased revenues while decreasing time spent on business matters. We spend more time practicing medicine, and we’re making more money. MICI is the right choice if you want to work with a company that practices what they preach — they’re always available and they deliver great service.”

— Benjamin D., M.D., Practice Managing Partner


Revenue Cycle Management


MICI manages your entire revenue cycle. At every stage of the billing cycle, we optimize your claim profitability while advocating for patients with care and respect.

MICI manages all aspects of the medical practice revenue cycle, including billing, insurance verification, revenue collection, contract negotiation and outstanding accounts followup.

Additionally, MICI provides appeals on incorrectly paid claims, new and ongoing provider credentialing and managed care program evaluations. MICI will provide you with detailed financial reports on a regular basis.


Effective medical practice revenue cycle management from MICI

Other Practice Support Services


Beyond revenue cycle management, MICI provides additional practice support services to help our clients increase profitability and efficiency:

  • Credentialing
  • Managed care contracting
  • Technology integration

These additional services can be provided ad hoc or as a supplement to our revenue cycle management services.


MICI Medical Practice Support Services

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