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Beyond our industry-leading revenue cycle management services, MICI provides medical practice support services to help improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase revenues. Our medical practice support services fall into three general categories:

MICI Credentialing Services

Medical Credentialing Services

MICI will manage the process of evaluation and validation for your medical practice on an ongoing basis, ensuring your credentials are up-to-date and comprehensive. Proper credentialing is integral to maximized revenues because it’s necessary for payor network enrollment and full claim payment. We complete the application process for new providers and handle the re-enrollment process for existing providers, with a focus on accuracy and proactive followups to expedite timelines. Don’t risk a lapse or shortfall in your medical practice credentials—join the many medical practices that trust MICI’s medical credentialing services.

MICI Managed Care Contracting Services

Comprehensive Managed Care Contracting

Your medical practice can leverage our team’s deep experience in the managed care negotiations and up-to-date knowledge of the managed care landscape. Our managed care contracting services include:

  • Review existing agreements and reimbursement rates
  • Analyze recent claims by payor to determine baseline
  • Summarize and compare to market rates
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Provide ongoing support and contract optimization
  • Review contract prior to expiration
  • Develop renewal recommendations and renegotiate contracts
MICI Technology Consulting Services

Increase Efficiency & Profitability

Our team has a track record of implementing cutting-edge technologies for medical practices that increase efficiency and profitability. From hardware to software, MICI will provide end-to-end technology consulting and implementation services to take your medical practice to the next level.


With just a simple phone consultation, MICI will provide a free evaluation of your medical practice’s managed care, credentialing and IT processes.

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