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As one of the first medical billing services in America, MICI has a long history of helping medical practices maximize their revenue. Today, driven by a rapidly transforming healthcare industry, we provide comprehensive revenue cycle management that helps medical practices maintain compliance while maximizing revenues, including everything from coding, entering and submitting claims to managing denials and handling payor/patient followup.

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When you work with MICI, your practice will benefit in many ways. Here are a few:

  • Maximize your medical practice’s revenue
  • Increase your reimbursement speed
  • Maintain a clear picture of your cashflow

Our diligent, well-trained staff ensures each claim is accurate and timely. When it comes to reimbursement management, our team maintains constant awareness of the changing rules that often result in claim denial or underpayment. Your MICI team will proactively monitor your account to ensure efficiency and resolve issues.


With just a simple phone consultation, MICI will provide a free evaluation of your revenue cycle and the degree to which your practice stands to benefit from optimized revenue cycle management.

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“With MICI, we’ve increased revenues while decreasing time spent on business matters. We spend more time practicing medicine and we’re making more money. MICI is the right choice if you want to work with a company that practices what they preach — they’re always available and they deliver great service.”

— Benjamin D., M.D., Practice Managing Partner

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