It takes empathy and knowledge for your billing office to optimize patient pay

Optimize Patient Pay
Optimize Patient Pay

From now on, revenue management solution best practices will integrate clinical care and financial information, and your billing office will use empathy and insurance knowledge to optimize patient pay. That means that improving your revenue stream will require integrating clinical care decisions with an understanding of, and compassion with, the patient’s ability to pay.

Improving Patient Pay is a Two-Way Street

Patients need to understand their financial responsibility for care or a service. Your billing office staff needs to understand their ability to pay. Together, that information will result in optimal payment arrangements with your patients.

You need to have systems that provide real time data on patient insurance coverage and allowed expenses. Your medical billing office needs to understand payer requirements for tests and services. With this accurate information, your staff can inform the patient of their insurance coverage and arrange a patient payment schedule on the spot. Letting the patient leave the practice without a payment schedule reduces your chances of getting paid.

Understanding Charges can Increase Patient Satisfaction

Understanding a bill will make a patient happy? Sort of. Patients don’t want to be surprised with bills they don’t understand or don’t expect to receive. The more upfront information and medical bill assistance they receive from your staff, the more clearly they will understand the costs. The more quickly an amenable payment schedule is set up, the more likely you are to receive the payments.

At every stage of the medical billing process, MICI works to optimize claim profitability for physicians, while advocating for patients with care and respect. We send your statements out on time, guaranteeing a consistent revenue stream. When your patients call with a question regarding their bill they speak directly to us. Our number is listed as your billing office. We provide this service for an important reason – it removes the onus of collections and difficult conversations from your staff. We are experts in politely explaining charges.

We follow up with patients on bills that are due, patiently and respectfully discussing the charges with them. And we make it easy for them to pay through their choice of online payment, or via mail.

In an age where more and more practices are focusing on patient satisfaction, we are your partner – a strong, reliable and empathetic partner. It’s a complicated world out there. We can make it simpler for you.