NormanRockwell Rosie The Riveter 1943

Tenacity is What Makes America Tick

Recently we celebrated Labor Day- a long holiday weekend and summer’s last hurrah. We should remember that originally, Labor Day was created to show the public “the strength and esprit de corps of the trade and labor organizations”. In other words, Labor Day was created to celebrate American workers and legislate a day off in recognition of their labors. The very first Labor Day was celebrated on September 5, 1882 and we’ve had the day off ever since.

Labor Day also celebrates the sheer tenacity of the American work force, as evidenced across the U.S; the Empire State Building- for 41 years the tallest building in the world, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, the American highway system, the Hoover Dam, and One World Trade Center in New York City, now the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. At MICI, tenacity is one of our core corporate values and as a result, we know it when we see it. Although you don’t hear people talk about it much, tenacity is what makes America tick.

Of all the American architectural wonders, one of our favorites is the Hoover Dam. When constructed, it was the tallest dam in the world. The sheer enormity and volume of the materials, manpower and ingenuity required to build it still “wow” us today:

  • 74 stories high: During construction, workers were suspended from up to 800 feet (73.9 stories) above the canyon floor. So-called “high scalers” wielded 44-pound jackhammers and metal poles at those great heights to knock material loose and make way for the dam.
  • 21,000: The number of workers that constructed the dam.
  • Every 78 seconds: Cement was mixed onsite and hoisted across the canyon on one of five 20-ton cableways. A fresh bucket reached crews below every 78 seconds.
  • 45 million pounds: Approximately 5 million barrels of cement and 45 million pounds of reinforcement steel went into the dam.
  • 6 million tons of concrete: The amount of concrete in the dam; enough to pave a road from San Francisco to New York City.
  • 3 million: The number of homes that the Hoover Dam can power with the electricity produced by its 17 turbines.

Tenacity. It’s at the root of the American spirit and the American work force. MICI brings it to work every day. We use it to increase your medical practice revenue. More than half of all practices fail to fight claim denials, and most leave at least 30% of potential revenue at the table. Why would you do that? MICI fights for every dollar you have earned, and we don’t stop until we get it. Now that’s tenacious.