We believe in equitable healthcare.

We are in business because of what we believe. Our mission, values, and even the services we provide all stem from our core belief.

Equitable healthcare means a fair and just healthcare system for all stakeholders, including doctors, patients and insurance providers. MICI believes that an equitable healthcare system services all stakeholders most effectively, enabling doctors to provide their very best care to patients, and enabling patients to live their healthiest lives.


Equitable healthcare for everyone.


Enable doctors to provide their best patient care.



Doing the right thing is the core of our company. Conducting business with honesty supports a balanced, just healthcare system.


Hard work and determination are at our core. We are detail-oriented, accurate and thorough in everything we do.


Everyone else underestimates the importance of tenacity, but we don’t. We live for following


At MICI, we’re a family. We have real, personal relationships and we treat physicians, patients and team members with respect and esteem.


It all comes down to people: they all matter. Understanding another person’s point of view makes a big difference.


We believe in constantly evolving, improving and moving forward. Never accept the status quo without first seeking to find a better way.


Education is the key to understanding and improving the world. At MICI, we believe you’re never finished learning.

…what are the components of equitable healthcare?

At MICI, we believe there are five pillars of equitable healthcare:

Health & Healing

MICI plays an important role in the bigger picture of health and healing, from individuals, to the community, to the world. MICI team members work with doctors to make quality healthcare possible.

Balance & Fairness

MICI helps create an upright and just healthcare system by advocating for physicians and patients alike. We believe equitable healthcare is effective healthcare, and that effective healthcare leads to stronger, healthier communities.

Moving Forward

From new software with enhanced capabilities to innovative, team-oriented solutions, MICI is a progressive and forward-thinking company.

Care & Empathy

MICI genuinely cares about people. From resolving a problem with an upset patient to facilitating the continuing education of MICI team members, everything MICI does is underscored with concern for others.

Precision & Professionalism

MICI has a long history of accuracy, diligence and professionalism. We’re detail-oriented without ever losing sight of the larger picture.

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